Mark Valenziano

Motivational Business Speaker, Mark Valenziano

Mark Valenziano knows first-hand the challenges of blindness and is uniquely equipped to spread awareness and teach about inclusiveness. His life has also been one of constant transition, going slowly from sighted to blind. Informed by this personal experience, Mark also teaches his unique perspective on managing and minimizing the uncertainty that comes with change and with life in general. His signature program for this is called “Get Uncomfortable! Grab Your Uncertainty and Flourish”.

A former executive and entrepreneur, Mark sold his company in order to follow his passion for public speaking, and to inspire people to determine their future rather than just letting life happen to them. Whether conducting a workshop, hosting one of his “Dining in the Dark” experiences, or delivering a keynote, Mark creates hands-on experiential events that engage the audience and are powerful, fun, and memorable.

Attendees not only learn from their experience and from Mark’s words, they are inspired to be even better individuals and leaders, at home and at work. One comment commonly heard is that Mark’s impactful presentations are talked about long after the actual event!

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