Jessica Pettitt

Speaker/Author/Consultant, Good Enough Now

Bringing 15+ years of diversity training and stand up comedy experience, Jess Pettitt is the social justice educator you have been warned about. Facilitating conversations on the toughest subjects that we typically avoid allows space for team members to support one another so that existing resources can directly lead to innovative ideas and profitable habits. Let’s roll back our defense mechanisms, laugh together, and take responsibility for elements we actually have control over.

Typical Diversity and Inclusion trainings don’t work because we don’t acknowledge our frustrating patterns let alone take responsibility for who and how we show up in our relationships with customers, clients, and/or members let alone strangers on the street.

Stop throwing money at a problem and make long lasting change that will result in better recruitment and longer retention of talent that increases a sense of belonging so that we can all get back to work