Nubia Younge

As the CEO and founder of Black In Travel, Nubia's journey in the travel industry began over 15 years ago when she embarked on a voyage of self-discovery and exploration, traveling to multiple countries across four continents. She has been a driving force in creating a safe and inclusive space for melanated travelers. Her passion for travel extends beyond her work with Black In Travel. Her love for adventure and exploring new cultures is evident in her personal life as well. Nubia has traveled extensively, exploring over 50 countries and immersing herself in diverse cultures. Her love for food and adventure has led her to try unique and exotic foods and take part in thrilling activities such as skydiving, swimming with whale sharks, and more. Nubia is on a mission to inspire and empower Gen X professionals to harness the power of manifestation. She strongly believes in bringing people together and is especially passionate about encouraging women of color to explore the world without fear. As a woman of color over 40, Nubia understands the unique challenges that this demographic faces in the travel industry. Hence, she is dedicated to empowering and inspiring women to travel, regardless of their age or background.