David Allison

Human Behavior Expert, Values Thinking Pioneer, Valuegraphics Database Founder, Valuegraphics

DAVID ALLISON Human Behavior Expert Values Thinking Pioneer Valuegraphics Database Founder. David Allison is a bestselling author, an 3 international speaker, and an advisor in a wide variety of industry sectors and disciplines. His research is used by global organizations in industries as wide-ranging as sportswear, school supplies, hedge funds, and global humanitarian foundations like the Environmental Defense Fund, and the United Nations. He believes we'd all be much better off if we abandoned the use of harmful and divisive demographic stereotypes. His ultimate goal is for all organizations, everywhere, to adopt "Values Thinking" as the best way to understand human behavior. To help make his vision come to life, he built the Valuegraphics Database, the first-ever global map of what everyone really cares about. The database can profile any target audience and pinpoint exactly what values they share. Those shared values are the secret to engaging and influencing people more powerfully than ever before. His most recent book "We Are All the Same Age Now" was a #1 best-seller within 24 hours of its release and INC Magazine named it one of the top ten Leadership Books of the year. Kirkus Reviews called it "a genuinely original contribution to marketing literature." SUGGESTED KEYNOTE INTRODUCTION SCRIPT: Human behavior expert and Values Thinking pioneer David Allison is a bestselling author, an international speaker, and an advisor to all industry sectors. He is a tireless advocate for disrupting demographic stereotypes and replacing them with our shared human values. This is a much better way to understand each other in a post-demographic world. He's built the first-ever database of what everyone in the world really, truly, cares about most. And today he's got information from that database that he has pulled out specifically for us. I think we are all very keen to hear what David has to say. David...that's your cue!