Ricardo Magaña

CEO, Actnow! Grupo MAP

Actnow! we are a "360 company" that develops from the idea or creative concept through the implementation process (execution). A "meeting planner & marketing experience" company, we have specialists in a wide range of meeting planning & event marketing tools, we offer great totally strategic ideas to contribute to the commercial development of prestigious brands, products or services.

Actnow! is part of GrupoMAP; with more than 18 years of experience in meeting planner, events, virtual reality, augmented reality, applications. The current trend, he asserts, is technological innovation, augmented and virtual reality, digital applications, and it is where the agency is constantly innovating.

Rick Magaña is a current member of BTL in the Mexican Association of Promotion Agencies (AMAPRO), at whose initiative the BTL & Promotional Marketing Training Diploma was created. He graduated from the Latin American University (ULA) with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Sciences and Public Relations.

He was Marketing and Advertising Manager at Reino Aventura and Grupo Mágico specialized in amusement parks; exhibition and convention areas were developed at the World Trade Center CDMX; At OCESA he was director of new businesses, Seeking his growth in the Entertainment Industry, he returns to his alma mater but now at Six Flags Mexico doing the rebrand and internal licensing by Warner Bros. in the merchandising stores.

Looking to become independent, he established his own agency Actnow! Currently collaborates as a columnist in NEO magazine and is a member of the board of the MPI Mexico Chapter now as President MPI Mexico Chapter 2021-2022