Tina VanSteenbergen

Tina has been speaking professionally since 2013 with a fairly simple message: women need women. To be successful in the workplace. To feel understood. To feel less alone in the world… women need women. And that’s the message she flies thousands of miles to spread. Her speaking style gives women permission to open up, have honest conversations, and connect. With a combination of authenticity, storytelling, and humor, she’s been able to help hundreds of thousands of women tear down the walls built between us. Together with her audience, she helps women build relationships with one another, believe in themselves, and take up space at companies, campuses, and organizations.

Her work sets her soul on fire. So does a beautiful snowfall. An excellent pour of bourbon. A good nap. A peaceful and reflective sunset flight. A well-written West Wing quote. Her husband, her son, her dog, and a Minnesotan accent, of course.