Jacques Martiquet

The Party Scientis

The Party Scientist is the wild-card speaker who makes education feel like a party. Jacques W. Martiquet is an international crowd ignitor who helps leaders elevate vitality & belonging in their teams & relationships — using the science of joy. His message is summarized by an equation — Joy X Human Connection = Greatest Antidepressant. Jacques loves to teach people how to become givers of this natural antidepressant.

While saving the lives of youth from drug overdoses as a frontline festival medic, he discovered his mission was to spread the health and antidepressant benefits of human connection. Across 30+ cities, on the stages of festivals & conferences, and in the offices of companies like Accenture & LUSH Cosmetics, he has led experiences that educate humans about new ways to socialize, party, and build community.

Jacques’ passion is equipping leaders with a new lens on human thriving, emphasizing the essential condition for health and happiness: positive human connections.

Before Jacques earned his title as The Party Scientist, he received his Bachelor Of Science in Pharmacology at the University of British Columbia. Here, he served as a mental & sexual health educator for 3 years. He was also an organizer of alcohol-free social events. After finishing his degree, he traveled the world with a large boombox, leading sober joy events in 30+ cities. This is where he developed his public speaking & audience engagement expertise.

Jacques lives the life of a community-builder in Vancouver, Canada, where he hosts classes & workshops regularly and leads a community of bio-hackers… that is, people interested in health optimization.