Bill Voegeli

President, Association Insights

Bill Voegeli is President of Association Insights, a research-based consulting company specializing in the needs of professional membership organizations. Since 2002, Bill has worked with MPI on a wide variety of projects and transformative initiatives which have contributed to the foundation of knowledge MPI uses for organizational decision making and educational content development on a global scale. On behalf of MPI, Association Insights continuously monitors the state of the meeting and event industry, tracking trends, detecting new market opportunities, and raising awareness of emerging needs of meeting and event professionals. Under Bill’s direction, Association Insights conducts the quarterly Meetings Outlook research and analysis for MPI. Bill has been conducting market research and analysis since 1991, and helped pioneer the combined use of quantitative and qualitative research techniques as a way to help organizations clearly understand their highest priorities and most important decisions. Bill has spoken to audiences around the world on a variety of topics.