Building an Inclusive and Equitable Meetings Industry

Date: February 13, 2024

Time: 12:00PM - 01:00PM

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Panel Discussion Moderated by Melissa Cherry: "Building an Inclusive and Equitable Meetings Industry"

February 13th, 2024 | 11am - 12pm CT | 1 Clock Hour Domain A: Strategic Planning 

In today's rapidly evolving world, diversity and inclusion have become critical components for the success and sustainability of any industry, including the meetings industry. The ability to create inclusive environments that celebrate and leverage the unique perspectives, backgrounds, and talents of all individuals is paramount to fostering innovation, driving business growth, and ensuring positive attendee experiences.

Join us as our panel of industry experts explore the importance of inclusion in the meetings industry and provide practical strategies for promoting diversity and equity in event planning, execution and attendee engagement. Attendees will gain practical insights, actionable strategies, and inspiring case studies from industry leaders who have successfully implemented inclusive practices in their events. Join us as we embark on a journey towards building a more inclusive meetings industry.

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