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#RealTalk is BACK! Come engage in deep-dive conversations around the DEI topics that matter most today.

Register for one or all of our #RealTalk Dialogue Series Sessions for 2023.

More information about each session's specific topic coming soon.

#RealTalk Dialogue Series | Upcoming 2023 Sessions

  • #RealTalk Dialogue Series | Neurodivergent Inclusion¬†03.21.2023
  • #RealTalk Dialogue Series | Be an Asian Ally: Proactive Strategies for Responding to Microaggressions 05.23.2023
  • #RealTalk Dialogue Series | 06.20.2023
  • #RealTalk Dialogue Series | 08.08.2023
  • #RealTalk Dialogue Series | 10.31.2023

*Please note #RealTalk Dialogue Series are from 1:00 - 2:00 PM CT*

To register for our upcoming #RealTalk Dialogue Series events click on "Registration" on the left side toolbar and utilize "click here for details" to see what we have planned!

Don't miss our #RealTalk Unplugged sessions our 30-Minute Mondays (Register Here)

  • 30-Minute Monday | #RealTalk Unplugged 01.09.2023
  • 30-Minute Monday | #RealTalk Unplugged 09.11.2023
  • 30-Minute Monday | #RealTalk Unplugged 11.13.2023
  • 30-Minute Monday | #RealTalk Unplugged 12.11.2023

*Please note #RealTalk Unplugged sessions are 12:00 - 12:30 PM CT*

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