Traciana Graves

Traciana Graves is the founder of the bilingual platform ( Traciana Graves developed as an extension of the deep work she has accomplished with leaders in the private and corporate sector. offers Web Episodes and Training that help exceptional leaders enhance innovation, inclusion & achieve an optimal leadership lifestyle . In addition, she was also voted by The Huffington Post as: "America's Most Fearless Woman". Traciana Graves is the mother of one amazing second grader, a passionate tea lover, and a native new Yorker who grew up between France & New York. Prior to becoming a leading strategist for multicultural collaboration & retention, Traciana had a career touring the world as a songwriter and background vocalist for artists such as Celine Dion and sixtime Grammy awardwinning Steel Pulse . She also studied at the Sorbonne , graduated from Georgetown University with a degree in languages and international studies. She later earned a degree in organizational coaching from New York University . Traciana speaks and consults extensively throughout the country, facilitating corporate training and organizational workshops for Fortune 500 companies, the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) and hundreds of higher education institutions. Traciana has over fourteen years’ experience lecturing, training, and writing curricula for companies and higher education institutions nationwide. In addition to launching which features the insights of company leaders who have a combined following of 2.3 million+ , Traciana is the founder of Visionary NIGHT SCHOOL . Visionary NIGHT SCHOOL is an interactive platform that allows successful leaders who recognize the power of giving as a success principal the opportunity to share their secrets to success.