Todd Buchholz

internationally-known commentator on the world economy, technology and financial markets.

Todd G. Buchholz has served as a White House director of economic policy under President George HW Bush and a managing director of the legendary Tiger hedge fund. He was awarded the Allyn Young Teaching Prize by the Harvard University Department of Economics and was named “One of the Top 21 Speakers of the 21st Century” by Successful Meetings magazine. Buchholz has lectured in the U.K. Parliament, as well as at the White House library and the U.S. Treasury. Buchholz is a frequent contributor to the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post, as well as PBS, NPR and major television networks. He recently hosted his own special on CNBC and his books have been translated into over 15 languages. His first book New Ideas from Dead Economists is listed as a “classic” by the American Economic Association. New Ideas from Dead Economists was strongly endorsed by such varied thinkers as Milton Friedman and Lawrence Summers. Buchholz holds advanced degrees in economics and law from Cambridge University and Harvard and has served as a Fellow at Cambridge. Buchholz is one of the founding producers of the Broadway show Jersey Boys and is
the co-founder and CEO of Sproglit, LLC, which develops software to teach mathematics to children. Sproglit’s games are based on Buchholz’s invention, the Math Arrow, which has been called “ingenious” by Martin Cooper, inventor of the cellular telephone. In June 2016, HarperCollins will release Buchholz’s newest book, The Price of Prosperity: Why Rich Nations Fail and How to Renew them. Former Vice Chair of the Federal Reserve Board Alan Blinder calls the book “a crackling good read—a tour de force that is as entertaining as it is educational.”