Tim Mousseau

Keynote Speaker + Sexual Violence Prevention & Safety Researcher, Tim Mousseau

Having endured extreme workplace sexual harassment at his first professional job, Tim Mousseau now combines powerful stories of perseverance with original research to help organizations and communities create safer cultures where their people can thrive.

Tweaking concepts learned from a decade of experience in health wellness and prevention, Tim shifts the narrative that respecting personal boundaries is vital to high-performing teams instead of merely a compliance issue. The Radically Safe Framework provides leaders and teams a proven approach to build cultures not only free from harm but spaces where people also feel a more profound sense of belonging.

For the last eight years, Tim has spoken with over 400 organizations worldwide, including Fortune 1000 companies, Congressional offices, championship athletic teams, and top universities. As a researcher, Tim's currently studying how individuals set and maintain their safety boundaries in professional relationships. Tim received a Master's in Organizational Leadership from Gonzaga and a Bachelor's in Communication from the University of New Mexico.