Patrick O'Malley

617 Patrick

Patrick O'Malley loves and lives Social Media, and can show you how to utilize it to get new sales or improve your business. You can see a sample video of his bizarre excitement about it at

In 2012, he was the First Place winner of the National Speakers Association's "Rising Star 2012" professional speaker competition.

He is a nationally known expert on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google SEO.

He is also a regular contributor to Fox TV News, Ch 4 News, Ch 7 News, and NECN as a social media and Internet expert.

Previously, he was the VP of Operations for the search engine that was Google's top competitor in the year 2000 (Northern Light). In fact, he knows tricks which can get your company’s product onto the first page of Google, for free.

His phone number is actually 617-PATRICK, which he thinks is cool.