Pat Mussieux

Speaker/Coach/TV Host/Author, Steps2Happiness, Inc

Pat Mussieux is an internationally acclaimed speaker, award-winning business coach, TV host and author located in London, Canada.

Her newest book, ‘Business Gets Better When YOU Get Better! How to Change Yourself to Change Your Results” will be released in the spring of 2019. ‘Stop Compromising and Make All the Money You Want” (A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Starting Up and Starting Over) is her most recent book. She has also co-written ‘Leadership Gurus Speak Out!” contributing her wisdom and expertise in the fields of Human Resources, Sales, Marketing and Training.

She has appeared regularly in media and print publications. Pat won the 2012, 2013 and 2015 STEVIE Awards – Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada, the 2014 STEVIE Award for Women in Business – Female Executive of the Year
in Canada. Pat has been named as one of the “Top 100 Women Entrepreneur Experts to follow on Twitter”. She has also been nominated for Chatelaine magazine’s ‘Woman of the Year’.

Having transformed her life at age 57 from trash bag to travel in a private plane around the world, as well as taking her business from zero to close to a million dollars in less than 7 years are a direct result of her expertise in the area of mindset, marketing and money. She works with entrepreneurs around the world, including a mentoring project in both Johannesburg and Zimbabwe.

Pat regularly hosts a local TV show, ‘Wealthy Women Leaders’ – where she interviews successful, mature women entrepreneurs discussing the ‘good, the bad and the ugly’ of being in business. The intention of the show is to spark and inspire budding entrepreneurs.

She is very well known for her skills and expertise in the areas of networking, marketing, time/energy management, life balance ……and her mantra is ‘it’s never too late’! Her presentations are timely and relevant when it comes to productivity, motivation and inspiration.

To say the past 10 years of reinventing her life and her business have been intense is a gross understatement! Pat soon came to realize that success can come at a high price. In her circle of friends, family and colleagues, she has seen a high level of stress, fatigue, overwhelm, unhappiness, obesity and critical illness…..some of which she has also experienced. After the recent death of her soul-sister/colleague, Pat is committed to taking the lessons learned to heart, and to the stage! You will want to hear what she has to share in her new keynote presentation.

Her most important role, however, is that of grand-mother to 3 amazing young adults in Edmonton, Alberta!