Nikole Fridenmaker

Business Event Expert, Fridenmaker Consulting, LLC, Business Events Expert with Fridenmaker Consulting

Nikole Fridenmaker is a Business Events Expert with over 20 years of experience in the professional meetings and events industry. She has sought out opportunities that would expand her knowledge of the industry and make her more marketable. Having worked in pharmaceutical, corporate, financial services, professional associations, incentive, and international markets, at this point in her career, Nikole really has ‘done it all’ when it comes to professional business events.
Nikole has transitioned from working within an organization to finding opportunities to share her knowledge. She is dedicated to helping the professional business events industry in the following areas:
•    helping planners and suppliers solidify better partnerships
•    ensuring that planners have the tools that will help not just with their current role but through their careers
•    aligning executives and their goals with their events team
•    and creating better teams

When not working and volunteering in the events industry, Nikole enjoys traveling and cooking. The loves of her life are her husband, John and dog, Paxton. She can be reached at