Monica Deza

Global CEO, Bendit Thinking

Mónica Deza is a prestigious internationally recognized strategic marketing executive with a successful career in top management of multinational groups of creativity and media, strategic communication and marketing, furthermore a pioneer in technological innovation and digital marketing.

She is currently the global CEO of Bendit Thinking Digital Transformation and Innovation Consultancy. The Southern EMEA Presidency of the media operations of the Interpublic Group, Universal McCann and Magna Global. She has been a founder and primary Vice President of the MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) as well as a member of the Board of Directors of entities such as APD (Association for Progressive Management) in Spain and Latin America and President of AINACE (Iberian Association of Applied Neuroscience To the Communication).

She graduated in Good Corporate Governance by the ICA, PDG by IESE, Master in Marketing Management by UCLA (USA), Degree in Advertising and PR by the Complutense University of Madrid and Technician in Business and Tourism Activities by the Rey Juan Carlos University. She is currently preparing his doctorate at the Polytechnic University on Neurotechnology and Human Behavior.