Mike "Muddy" Schlegel

Founder of the Whiteboard Academy & Co-Instructor at The Doodle Institute, Whiteboard Academy in partnership with The Doodle Institute

Mike Schlegel is better known by his Indian Princess name “Muddy Waters.” First and foremost, Muddy is a family man, raising three strong daughters with his beautiful wife of 15 years. #FamilyFirst Muddy is an experienced facilitator and collaboration specialist and has always been a visual thinker who naturally thinks in pictures, but didn’t realize that was a thing until 2014, when he took a one-day course in graphic facilitation. That’s when everything began to change for him. #LightbulbMoment He embraced his new-found visual superpowers and put them immediately to work. He quickly found he was getting more done and having more fun. He discovered using simple icons and graphics during meetings resulted in remarkably higher engagement and team productivity. #funANDproductive So, in 2015, he set out to learn and began to practice and apply his craft daily. He enrolled in the Doodle Institute with Diane Bleck and was asked to become one of the first Co-Instructors. He founded the Whiteboard Academy in 2016 to help others unlock awesome through visual thinking and is working in partnership with the Doodle Institute to teach, inspire and co-create with people across the world. #BetterTogether