Lynne Wellish, CMP, CHSE

Hospitality Educator,

Lynne Wellish, CMP, CHSE is an award-winning speaker, consultant, hospitality trainer, and educator at Lynne founded the business in 2011 as a hospitality training, lead generation, sales, and marketing consulting firm. A graduate of UNLV in Hospitality Management and an adjunct faculty member at Scottsdale Community College in the Hospitality College, Lynne has over 30 years’ experience in the industry in a variety of positions; she’s a serial hospitality sales executive. As a seasoned hospitality industry professional, Lynne understands the dynamics of hospitality sales in conjunction with meetings and events. Lynne’s team supports your sales and marketing strategies with a grassroots approach to crush and even surpass your revenue goals by expanding your reach with a personal touch to your prospective clients. Lynne is also a sought-after dynamic speaker, trainer, and subject matter expert in the hospitality industry. She regularly works with hospitality businesses and their owners, management team, and staff to improve their skills and knowledge.