Jo Lichten PH.D.

Speaker, Author, Dr. Jo, Inc.

Now a grandma of seven cuties, Dr. Jo®, knows what it’s like to juggle a full-time business with home responsibilities, plus chisel out “me-time”. And, she’s here to offer hope, humor, and real-life strategies. Jo’s presented more than 1000 programs to conferences and companies and is the proud recipient of the CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) designation from the National Speakers Association.

Jo attempts to live a peaceful, stress-free life in sunny, warm Florida with her husband, John – and kids and grandkids nearby. But stress still comes her way. She can’t seem to outrun her perfectionistic, type A personality, nor the lingering effects of growing up in a one-bathroom house with a family of eleven. Tap dancing and chocolate help (no, not at the same time)!