Heather Haigler

Event Professional

Heather Haigler is a long-time event industry professional. She most recently served as the co-founder of Switch Four/WorkTrip. Prior to co-founding WorkTrip, she spent over a decade at Glen Raven, a leader in providing fabric-based solutions to enhance the life of global customers.

As part of an events team that handled well over 100 events a year, she knew firsthand the pains associated with planning, executing and traveling to corporate events. She searched for a solution that could integrate disparate event management, travel management and communication systems. She dreamed of a one-stop shop for all company event and travel details, easily accessible to event planners and corporate event travelers when they needed it most. 

That dream became the vision behind the company’s web-based and mobile software solution that serves as a centralized communication hub for event and travel details.

Heather is committed to making work and life easier for event planners and work travelers. She is also committed to sharing her experience and expertise with other event planners to help them be more creative, strategic and successful; through one-on-one meetings, participation in industry associations and events.