Ethan Beaudoin

Hyve Nation

Ethan Beaudoin (a.k.a DJ E) is a 26-year-old disabled male. He is a Communication Specialist, an Accessibility Consultant, a Creative Director, a Music Director/DJ, and a Certified Sports Producer, Game Presentation, Fan Experience, and Event Production Professional – specializing in sports, entertainment, and live events. He has formal education in communication, media studies, public relations, advertising, marketing, and audio-video production from Regis University; advanced training in event production and sports business from The Event Leadership Institute, Sports Management Worldwide, The Inspirational Sports Business Institution, The IMPACT Learning Institute, and Front Office Sports. He is on the Board of Directors for an Award-Winning Festival for "Best New Festival in Denver"; he is in the business of amplifying experiences, creating "wow" moments, and cementing memories.

Recently, DJ E was a DJ for a sold-out crowd of 17,100+, for a United States Women's National Soccer Team vs. Colombia International Friendly Soccer Match, at Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO.

Currently – and in the future – he hopes to:

  • Continue to grow his "DJ E" brand,
  • Start growing his new brand, "Hyve Nation".
  • Continue to work with his University of Denver Sports Marketing Consultant part-time job (and hopefully DJ for some of their sports programs).
  • Work towards DJing the 2026 FIFA World Cup, the Olympics, and NBA/NHL/MLS/NFL Playoffs. He wants to earn organizations' trust and be respected as a professional enough to be called on to DJ for the highest level of sporting events. During that process, he also wants to bring awareness to the stigma of being a disabled person, and, who – with the right personal accommodations - can accomplish anything; while also bringing awareness to how inaccessible our world is.