David Schenberg

Co-founder and CEO, BusyEvent Mobile

David Schenberg, HMCC is the co-founder of My Compliance Wizard and subject matter expert on the collection, automation and simple communication of complex data. David co-founded BusyEvent Mobile, a highly customizable multi-event mobile app that converts tons of paper into a convenient mobile application platform. BusyEvent delivers Big Data and monetizes this secure data to those that want to know what really happened across a live event before, during and after. In his 20+ years designing and managing trade shows and live events of every type, David Schenberg has utilized numerous technologies focused on the same goal: creating a return for the time and money spent on marketing initiatives by observing what people actually do, while measuring and reporting on it, and driving the collection of Big Data. David is the President-Elect of the St. Louis Chapter of Meeting Professionals, International (MPI) and a very active industry net-weaver.