Boris Konrad

neuroscientist, memory expert, Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad

Dr. Boris Nikolai Konrad is a well-known memory expert and World Memory Team Champion. The neuroscientist holds four Guinness World Records for memory, including "Most Names and Faces memorized in 15 minutes" with 215 names learned and correctly recalled to the corresponding faces.

Boris works as neuroscientist at Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior in the Netherlands. He is the only PhD in the World whose PhD topic was Superior Memory. Frequently seen on TV all over the World including the Chinese Superbrain show with 100+ million viewers and regarded as one of the Worlds most foremost experts on memory improvement, he made his passion his profession. As keynote speaker, author and trainer he works for companies and groups globally, helping them to improve their memories and remember anything they want.