The Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate (HMCC) program provides healthcare meeting compliance stakeholders with the knowledge and experience they need to successfully navigate the increasingly complex pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device regulatory environment. A broad range of healthcare topics including cross-border healthcare compliance, industry trends, global regulations, and compliance, codes, laws and mandates will be covered.

The program is worth 4 clock hours and after completing the intensive, four-hour training, participants will receive a certificate of achievement and hold the HMCC designation for two years. MPI members enjoy a special price on HMCC. Many of the public programs take place in tandem with industry events where additional pricing levels are offered.


The HMCC course is designed for those who need a broader understanding of a full range of healthcare regulatory topics. It is a perfect fit for those who are involved in planning and reporting transparency and spend as well as those suppliers who provide services and products to the healthcare industry. The condensed class format of the HMCC makes it easier for busy professionals to fit training into their schedules.


  • Enhance healthcare compliance management skills
  • Recognize unique terminologies
  • Process reporting management with samples
  • Understand Transfers of Values
  • Learn the who, what, where and how of the Physician Payment Sunshine Act - National Physician Payment Transparency Program: Open Payments
  • Better comprehend the “crossing the borders” compliance regulations

At the completion of the intensive four-hour program, students receive an electronic certificate of completion as well as four clock hours toward certification or recertification of their CMP-HC subspecialty. The HMCC Program does not have a test and there is no “pass/fail”. The focus is on education of current compliance facts and information.


The HMCC program is taught by professionals and faculty members specifically trained to help students develop a competency foundation while building critical thinking skills through case studies, business simulation, and discussion and class exercises.


Registration and payment is required prior to attending any HMCC course. The details you provide during registration will be used to create your certificate and to keep you updated on important information related to your HMCC certificate.

Registrants must purchase the textbook Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance, 3rd Edition and read prior to the start of the session. Books are available for $89.95 through the MPI Store.

HMCC Refresher Course

Your HMCC certificate is valid for two years, requiring a refresher course to maintain. MPI requires all current HMCC holders to attend a refresh webinar at the two-year anniversary of their class date.

The HMCC Refresher course was developed to keep our Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate recipients abreast of constantly changing healthcare meeting compliance regulations, cross-border compliance, CMS Open Payments changes and updates, the EFPIA Disclosure Code, and other healthcare trends. Prerequisites for certificate extension are:

1. Must attend the required webinar in the notification period sent to you by MPI
2. Must validate current contact information
3. Must register and make payment fees to MPI


Wouldn't you love to have the HMCC program come to your location where we can deliver our world-class education to your employees?

The MPI Academy can offer this program for you and up to 50 attendees. It’s a great way to invest in your employees and gain tangible results such as increased employee engagement, improved productivity and higher retention.

Reduce the time your staff or chapter members are away from the office through this valuable opportunity. All of our programs are developed and taught by industry experts with adult learning expertise. We also offer the option to source a venue for your private session.

Program benefits

  • Increase credibility with clients
  • Get up to speed in 4 hours - the certificate is good for 2 years!
  • No test and no "pass/fail" - our focus is on educating professionals
  • Walk away with a certificate endorsed by the MPI Academy

Program details

  • Up to 50 people can join
  • MPI instructor comes to you
  • Half-day class (4-hour) morning or afternoon availability

For more information or scheduling assistance, please contact:
Misty Helm, Career Development - MPI Academy


Why should I, or my company, get a certificate in Healthcare Meeting Compliance?
The certificate is targeted for those who devote a major portion of their time to working in the healthcare industry. The program is for those who are involved in planning and reporting transparency and spend, as well as those suppliers who provide services and products to the healthcare industry.

The benefits of receiving the certificate include:

  • Professional recognition
  • Personal satisfaction
  • An indicator of expertise
  • Increased opportunities for employment advancement opportunities
  • Increased credibility with clients
  • Serve as a role model to others

How do I receive a Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate?
The certificate will be awarded to candidates upon completion of the session. The MPI Academy will confirm all registration processes and send the Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate to each person who completes the session. The right to use the MPI endorsement seal and the certificate is effective for a two-year (2) period.

Applicants for the Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate program must:

  • Submit a simple registration form through the associated conference or through MPI's website.
  • Submit fees for class session
  • Pre-purchase session reference book “Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance”
  • Attend full class session

What is the process, once I decide to take the class?

  • Submit your registration form by date due.
  • Once the MPI Academy receives your registration, you will be sent a confirmation. Registration MUST be submitted electronically.
  • The MPI Academy will confirm receipt of your registration and determine your class date. Sessions are based on a minimum number of students.
  • Once you are accepted into the class, you must then submit the form with payment for the class date you select.
  • Class content is based on reference material. Your fees will include all instructional materials with the exception of Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance, which must be pre-purchased before the class.

How much time do I have to be away from the office to obtain the Healthcare Meeting Compliance Certificate?
You may enjoy flexibility in attending the Healthcare Compliance Meeting Certificate class. The class is designed for working adults and can be completed within the 4-hour session. The HMCC is offered at most industry conferences for your convenience and private sessions are available.

What is the format of the class?
The class is a four-hour session with one break. The class will be led by trained and experienced faculty and will include interactive activities.

How do I purchase class reference materials?
Breaking the Code to Healthcare Compliance is a required text and can be ordered online at Your other study materials are included in your program fees.

Are there specific supplier organizations that would benefit from receiving the certificate?

Healthcare industry stakeholders could include:

  • Hotel Companies
  • Conference and Convention Centers
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Audio Visual/Production Companies
  • Destination Management Organizations and Ground Operators
  • Technology Companies
  • Airlines
  • Cruise Lines
  • Car Rentals

Are there specific organizations that would benefit from the certificate?
The healthcare industry is vast and the certificate can prove to be particularly beneficial to those in the following segments:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Biologics
  • Hospitals
  • Healthcare Associations
  • Physicians
  • Physician Owned Distributorships
  • Destination Management
  • Allied Health Groups
  • Compliance Directors
  • Medical Device
  • Medical Products
  • Allied Health
  • Animal Health
  • Group Purchasing Organizations
  • 3rd Party Planning Companies
  • Manufacture Sales Reps
  • Physicians

Can I cancel my certificate class after I have already signed up?
Yes, students may cancel their registration with a $100 USD cancellation fee, if written notification is received by the MPI Academy at least 30 calendar days prior to the day of the class. Cancellations made less than 30 calendar days prior to the class and no-shows on the day of the class will forfeit their entire class registration fee.

What if I take the certificate program and fail?
There are no tests or Pass/Fail in the HMCC session.

What is required to maintain my certificate status?
The certificate must be renewed every two years to maintain active status. You will not be required to re-take the class but an update webinar will be required. Reminder notices of your certificate expiration and webinar sessions will be sent to each HMCC recipient.