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Sunday, June 3

Day 1 Theme: Inspiration

  • 10:15am: Virtual Welcome to WEC18 Day 1: Inspiration!
  • 10:30-11:15am: Opening Pep Rally (INSPIRATION): Revolt Against Routine and Create Memorable Experiences with Dustin Garis
  • 11:15-11:30am: WEC18 Behind the Scenes
  • 11:30-12:30pm: Festivals That Are Influencing Corporate Meetings and Events with Kevin Brewer
  • 12-12:30pm: Navigating Public Accommodation Laws for a Successful Meeting with James Delmar
  • 12:30-1pm: WEC18 Behind the Scenes
  • 1-2pm: Lunch Break (no broadcast)
  • 2-2:15pm: WEC18 Behind the Scenes
  • 2:15-3:15pm: 8 Simple Techniques to Grow Your Business with Video Marketing for Planners and Suppliers with Antoine Dupont
  • 3:15-3:45pm: 6 Steps to a Zero Waste Event with Julia Spangler
  • 3:45-4pm: WEC18 Behind the Scenes
  • 4-5pm: Sunday Afternoon Pep Rally (INSPIRATION): Valuing Diversity and Beating Bias with Yassmin Abdel-Magied
  • 5-5:15pm: WEC18 Day 1 Takeaways & Day 2 Preview

Monday June 4 

Day 2 Theme: Ideation

  • 8:15-8:30 am: Virtual Welcome to WEC18 Day 2: Ideation!
  • 8:30-9:45 am: Monday Morning Pep Rally/Keynote (IDEATION): Michael Cerbelli's: The Hot List™ 2018
  • 9:45-10am: WEC18 Behind the Scenes
  • 10-11am: Enhancing the Participants' Experience by Using Technology for Events (AR, VR, etc.) with Hector Venegas
  • 11-11:30am: How to Prepare for an Active Threat with David Lau
  • 11:30am-12pm: WEC18 Behind the Scenes
  • 12-1pm: Lunch Break (no broadcast)
  • 1:15-2:15pm: Meetings in 2028: Predictions for the Future of Our Industry with Dan Berger
  • 2:15-2:45pm: Building Resiliency in Yourself and Your Staff (How to Flourish Forward After Tragedy Strikes) with David Lau
  • 2:45-3:45pm: ADA: What's F&B Got to Do with It? with Tracy Stuckrath
  • 3:45-4:15pm: Next Steps for the Senior Executive: Are You Ready to Become a Consultant? with Annette Gregg 
  • 3:45-4:25 pm: Dena Blizzard Pre-Show Pep Rally Entertainment
  • 4:15-4:25pm: WEC18 Behind the Scenes
  • 4:25-5pm: Monday Afternoon Pep Rally (IDEATION): Think Different: Creating Better Ideas Faster and Enjoying the Process Along the Way with Duncan Wardle
  • 5-5:15pm: WEC18 Day 2 Takeaways & Day 3 Preview 

Tuesday, June 5 

Day 3: Activation

  • 8:15-8:30am: Virtual Welcome to WEC18 Day 3: Activation!
  • 8:20-8:30am: Dena Blizzard Pre-Show Pep Rally Entertainment
  • 8:30-9:15am: Tuesday Morning Pep Rally (ACTIVATION): How 5-Second Decisions Change Your Life with Mel Robbins
  • 9:15-9:30am: WEC18 Behind the Scenes
  • 9:30-10:30am: Peak Engagement: Optimizing your Trade Show Experience with Nancy Drapeau
  • 10:30-11:30am: Teaching Events in Higher Education: New Career Path for Industry Professionals with Amanda Cecil & Kristin Malek
  • 11:30am-12pm: Re-imagining the Trade Show Experience with Craig Jacobs
  • 12-12:15pm: WEC18 Behind the Scenes
  • 12:15-2:15pm: Closing Pep Rally & WEC19 Preview Lunch (Virtual attendees: bring your lunch and chat & chew with us!)
  • 2:15-2:30pm: Goodbye WEC18! Hello WEC19! (and other cool things you should know)

*Schedule subject to change


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