CMP Academy | 11.7.2024

Date: November 7, 2024

Time: 10:00AM - 05:00PM

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CMP Academy

6 hour course

Cost: $505 member/$705 non-member

Program Overview

The Certified Meeting Professional designation is a must-have for event organizers, designers, and strategists who want to demonstrate their professionalism to employers, peers and clients. But the test is challenging, and meeting professionals who want to pass it must prepare in various ways—including self-study, skills gap, needs analysis, and prep courses. Join Nick Estrada, CMP, CAE, for this open-floor and interactive CMP Academy class that will help you feel confident going into the exam room with best practices as outlined in the CMP-International Standards (CMP-IS).

Learn proven study methods, test-taking tips and other tools from an association and higher education professional. Gain insight into how you cannot just read the questions, but how to read between the lines and contextually analyze this logic-based exam. No matter where you are in the process (including recertification), this course will help prepare you for the exam and apply standard practices it on the job.

You will learn key concepts behind the CMP-IS and how to apply them at work, discuss best practices for preparing for and taking the exam and develop a personal study path based on where you are in the process. The study materials for this session are the referenced recommended reading: 9th Edition Convention Industry Council (CIC) Manual, 6th Edition Professional Meeting Management and the Events Industry Council’s APEX Glossary.

Note: This is not your standard study course! We do not work to provide sample tests and memorization tools – because at the end of the day, the CMP and its questions are as unique as YOU. Instead, we want to give you the tools and knowledge to help you navigate it with ease and answer each question with confidence.

Course Details

What you’ll learn:

  • Describe and apply standard professional practices across the CMP-International Standards domains
  • Use test-taking tips and problem-solving tools to help you better contextually analyze information
  • Develop a personal study path for taking the CMP test
  • Feel far more comfortable ahead of and in preparation for sitting for the CMP exam
  • Learn from and connect with your peers and become part of the aspiring CMP community as you continue your preparation journey.