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Domain ​E: Human Resources| 4 clock hours

Cost: $305 Member/ $405 Non-Member

Women ​play ​key ​roles ​in ​the ​hospitality ​and ​meeting ​industries, ​but ​many ​find ​it ​challenging ​to ​move ​into ​leadership ​positions. ​In ​fact, ​recent ​studies ​show ​that ​women ​are ​28% ​less ​likely ​to ​get ​an ​executive-level ​position even ​if ​they ​possess ​the ​skills ​that ​make ​other ​job ​applicants ​attractive ​candidates ​for ​CEO, ​COO, ​CMO​, and ​CFO ​positions. ​What are the skills necessary to be considered for these types of high-level leadership roles, and how do they translate to the level of leadership you seek for your current and future career?

Learn about the key roles women play in the hospitality and meeting industries and how to overcome career obstacles to executive-level positions—or the right-fit leadership level for you. Review and learn from real-life case studies of women who have overcome adversity to excel in the meetings space, while maintaining the right balance for their personal and professional lives. Examine what ​skills they possess, the decisions they made and what actions they took to enable their industry leadership.

Analyze your own personal leadership skills using a Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment to discover the areas you excel, and where you can fill gaps with future training and advancement. Think about where you want your career and leadership to grow in the next three to five years and create an action and development plan that advances your career, your leadership, and your influence.

You’ll Be Able To:

  • Identify the skills that help women ascend to executive leadership roles in the meeting and event industry, and self-evaluate where you excel and where you can improve
  • Utilize best-practice methods for overcoming common challenges women face in obtaining leadership opportunities
  • Follow your personal action plan for leadership success and career development and find success in right-fit leadership roles
  • Locate additional resources available to women seeking leadership roles in the meeting and event industry


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09:00am - 01:00pm Central - October 5, 2023
Credits Available: 4.00 Contact Hours

Cost: $305 Member/ $405 Non-Member

Domain A: Strategic Planning | 4 clock hours

If you have been involved with the design and creation of meetings and events for 10 months or 10 years, there are certain definable and demonstrable steps to ensuring successful execution, delivery and measurement. MPI’s Basics Boot Camp offers a lightning-fast deep dive into the fundamentals of successful event planning—from defining meeting goals and objectives and identifying stakeholders through meeting design, development, RPFs, and contracting to food and beverage, staging, audiovisual, and more.

This certificate class touches on every element of the meeting planning process, offering you the opportunity to employ best practices for your business, make changes to your processes and procedures and ensure that your operations conform with industry-leading standards. Basics Boot Camp offers a strong foundation in the core skills and practices necessary to plan meetings and events.

If you are new to event planning—or you’ve been doing this for a while—this A-Z certificate class offers a series of best practices and must-perform tactics to ensure successful event execution for any level.

You’ll Be Able To:

• Identify meeting stakeholders and employ your role as intermediary and mediator to evaluate their needs toward designing right-fit experiences
• Define event goals and SMART objectives and employ strategies for measuring the value of your meetings
• Develop budgets and blueprints and assess potential risks associated with your meeting or event
• Manage the RFP process, conduct well-thought-out and precise site inspections, select vendors, and develop contracts
• Design your meeting using key elements that enable your organization to achieve its meeting goals and objectives
• Manage speakers and conference content design, design room sets, work with audiovisual teams, and design technical plans
• Plan menus and arrange transportation and attendee movement plans
• Oversee pre-and post-conference meetings and onsite logistics and conduct program evaluations
• Communicate success metrics to meeting stakeholders