Strategy Summit

Date: September 4, 2020

Time: 12:00PM - 03:15PM

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3 Clock Hours | Domain A: Strategic Planning

Writing Articles, Blogs, and Books to Grow Your Business

Presented By: Cathy Fyock, CSP

You understand that writing a blog, an article, or a book could open the doors for increased business, could be the calling card that really grabs the attention of your hottest prospects, or could open the floodgates for media attention. Whether you’ve tried before and couldn’t get traction, whether it’s just too overwhelming, whether you believe you don’t have time, or whether the critical voices in your head are just too negative (What makes you think you can write a book?), the time to write could not be better.

Learner Outcomes:

1. Identify your strategic plan for writing

2. Overcome obstacles to writing (not enough time, can’t get focused, I can’t write)

3. Create an action plan for writing

The Strategic Mindset – For Your Organization, Your Career and Your Life

Presented By: David Barrett

Strategic planning is now a part of the PMI’s Talent Triangle - now identified as a critical component to our current and future roles. However, reading and hearing is one thing but how many of us are in a position to practice strategic planning and execution? ALL OF US. This session will show us how strategic planning is key to our success at work but, as well, to our careers and our lives. We will learn how to create a solid plan for any of the three legs and we will leave with the start to our own Professional Strategic Plans.

Learner Outcomes:

1. Education on strategic planning and execution

2. Inspiration on applying this important knowledge and skill to all here legs of our own lives

3. Key take-aways to encourage us to think about applying all of this to our jobs, our careers, and our lives.

Engaging Virtual Meetings

Presented By: John Chen

Are you working from home? Do your virtual meetings drain your energy? Is video exhaustion real for you? Then you want Engaging Virtual Meetings. Engaging Virtual Meetings shows you the key secrets to having your attendees say, “I have more energy (rather than less) after 60 minutes meeting with you!”. When you learn Engaging Virtual Meetings, you will learn how to: • Create a powerful virtual presence • Create a smooth flow so attendees don’t talk over each other • Network without saying a word • Engage everyone even if only one person is talking • Guarantee that everyone feels engaged and heard • Powerfully close your meeting and take steps to make your next meeting even more effective When you complete Engaging Virtual Meeting, you will notice that you can meet virtually for 4 hours or more, your team is getting things done, your boss notices your leadership and you look forward to your next meeting. 

Learner Outcomes:

1. Learn 6 keys to engaging virtual meetings

2. Learn how to fix attendees talking over each other

3. Create a powerful virtual presence.

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