Coronavirus Dialogue Series: No Time Like the Present…Taking your meetings Virtual

Date: May 28, 2020

Time: 12:00PM - 01:00PM

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1 Clock Hour | Domain G: Meeting & Event Design

Virtual meetings have been a fundamental anchor in corporate communications and assembly. Not just in times of crisis. Now is a better time than ever to explore how virtual meeting elements can BE your meeting or enhance your meeting.

For most of human history, communication was direct and in-person. We have evolved to place our innate trust in human voices and immediate contact; therefore, for building a team or aligning your organization there is only one approach that leverages all those human factors: a face-to-face meeting. While live events and personal contact remain the gold standard for compelling and impactful experiences, the circumstances of modern business and budget concerns may prompt alternative choices.

Advances in telecommunications and technology bring new options for collaboration, and we have the opportunity to think differently about how, and where, we bring people together to realize your business objectives.

During this session we explore the fundamentals of planning and delivering a live virtual meeting. We provide specific tools to help planners and event professionals assess their current needs, determine the best technology, and explore the most effective creative and production.

By attending this session you will ... 

  1. Gain practical hands-on tools that can be used right away
  2. Explore the basics, and beyond, of Virtual Meetings to bring everyone up to speed
  3. Deliver content that will appeal to the entire membership (meeting planners, venue partners, production partners)
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