Back to Basics Virtual Summit

Date: October 23, 2019

Time: 11:00AM - 02:15PM

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3 Clock Hours | Domain A: Strategic Planning

Career Management 2.0: Building A Long-Term Career Strategy

Speaker: Dawn Rasmussen

Career management is the active process of strategizing your next move and positioning yourself for higher earning potential. Besides the usual updating of one’s résumé on a regular basis, career management entails specific steps that can transform your ability to move forward. In this session, you’ll learn tips that enable professionals to consciously think about what they do on a daily basis and fit into a larger plan to either move up or achieve a more rewarding and enjoyable career. Hear from career management coach Dawn Rasmussen on specific, actionable tips on how to plan ahead so you can always be on top of your next career move, and be flexible enough to adapt to changing employment conditions to reach your career goals!

Learner Outcomes:

  • Understand how to plan for the future.
  • Control the direction of your career and understand how what you’re doing today fits into your plan for tomorrow.
  • Plan ahead and gain traction in your career development momentum.

What’s Ethics Got To Do With It?

Speaker: Joan L. Eisenstodt

Whether planning short- or long- term career strategy, negotiating contracts, or participating in industry events, how we use guidelines available to us - MPI’s Principles of Professionalism, our employer’s or client’s ethics standards, our own ethics compasses, or industry best practices - can impact the way in which we operate and the perception of who we are. Issues such as payment of commissions, relationships with business partners, meeting points or rewards, and other types of gifts or items of value, continue to raise concerns. We will, using scenarios, discuss the issues and topics that can result in "gray areas" as they relate to industry professionalism, negotiations and contracts, and perception to lead us to the steps we believe will best guide us and protect reputations. Joan encourages you to send her your ethical dilemmas, which, if used, will be done so in confidence, to with “MPI Summit” on the subject line.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Define and determine questions about "grey" areas frequently encountered.
  • Prepare to evaluate industry practices that create or give rise to ethics discussions.
  • Develop questions to ask in the creation of guidelines to address consistency in ethical practices you engage.

Cutting Edge Legal Issues for Meetings

Speaker: Joshua L. Grimes

Legal Weed; GDPR; AirBnb; Crisis Planning; Guns in Meetings -- Constant global change means changes for meetings. Policy changes from Washington and threats of terrorism discourage attendees from traveling. GDPR imposes tough data protection laws that restricts use of personal information. AirBnb and other “Sharing Economy” businesses create havoc for hotel room blocks and increased risks. And societal changes like legal marijuana and increased acceptance of guns can affect a meeting host’s liability.

Without a Crystal Ball it’s tough to plan for these changes. Yet solid planning is what successful planners and suppliers must do.

This fast-paced and interactive presentation will identify the most recent and critical developments to impact meetings in 2019 and beyond. 

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify the latest trends in meeting contracts and adapt your organization’s practices and agreements to meet the challenges and opportunities presented by them.
  • Create safeguards to allow meetings to embrace innovations like Airbnb, Uber, and other technological advances without putting your organization and attendees at risk.
  • Develop contract provisions to protect your organization from the latest threats to successful and on-budget meetings, including fluctuating room rates, decreasing room demands caused by home-sharing services, and societal concerns that deter group members from attending your events.
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