Live Online: Event Marketing Certificate Program Sponsored by Cvent 12.18.2019

Date: December 18, 2019

Time: 09:00AM - 01:00PM

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Domain ​I: ​Marketing

Clock hours: 4 

Live ​events ​are ​uniquely ​positioned ​to ​cultivate ​trust, ​business ​exchange, ​and ​learning ​through ​face-to-face ​interactions. ​They ​also ​illuminate ​customer ​buying ​signals  ​but ​are ​often ​missed ​due ​to ​a lack ​of ​data ​and ​impactful ​event ​marketing ​strategies. ​MPI ​has ​convened ​some ​of ​the ​best ​event ​marketing ​experts ​in ​the ​business ​to ​deliver ​unparalleled ​education ​that ​will ​prepare ​you ​to ​design ​and ​execute ​measurable ​outcomes ​associated ​with ​your ​event ​marketing ​efforts.

During ​this ​course, ​you’ll ​examine ​strategies, ​best ​practices, ​and ​tactics ​across ​the ​full ​event ​marketing ​funnel ​(from ​leads ​to ​revenue). ​

As ​part ​of ​the ​learning ​experience, ​participants ​will ​explore ​the ​following ​topics:
• Business ​Case ​for ​Modernized ​Event ​Marketing
• Outcomes-Based ​Event ​Strategy ​Design
• Multi-Channel ​Promotional ​Strategies, ​Tactics, ​and ​Tools
• Delivery ​of ​Impactful ​Attendee ​Experiences ​and ​Systematic ​Achievement ​of ​ROO ​(Return ​on ​Objectives)
• Maximizing ​Customer ​and ​Event ​Intelligence ​with ​Technology
• Capitalize ​on ​Insights ​to ​Achieve ​ROI

Learner outcomes:
• Describe ​the ​process ​for ​designing ​an ​outcomes-based ​event ​strategy
• Define ​event ​marketing ​metrics ​and ​key ​performance ​indicators ​(KPIs)
• Explain ​the ​business ​case ​for ​live ​events
• Design ​and ​execution ​plan ​for ​event ​promotion ​pre-, ​during, ​and ​post-event ​(incorporates ​tools ​and ​technology)
• Build ​a ​plan ​to ​deliver ​an ​impactful ​attendee ​experience
• Describe ​common ​tools ​and ​the ​role ​technology ​plays ​in ​event ​intelligence
• Describe ​tactics ​associated ​with ​the systematic ​achievement ​of ​ROI ​and ​ROO ​(includes ​measurement ​and ​revenue ​attribution)
• Given ​a ​case ​study, ​recommend ​actions ​meeting ​planners ​can ​take ​to ​build ​and ​execute ​on ​a ​full-scale ​event ​marketing ​strategy ​and ​achieve ​desired ​outcomes

  • Nick Borelli, President, Strategist, Speaker, Borelli Strategies