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C31 - Break Out of the Sea of Sameness With the Power of Storytelling

‐ Jun 15, 2023 4:35pm

Does it seem like what was extraordinary has become ordinary. Here's the worst part: Try as you might, all your innovative ideas have also been assimilated into the common lexicon, and you find yourself languishing in a sea of sameness. You want is to stand out, but the more you try, the more you get frustrated because your brilliant efforts are short-lived. It is exhausting to stay ahead of the pack with game-changing creativity only to watch the masses adopt it. There is a better way to transform from industry leader and claim your rightful spot as industry legend. Learn how to use storytelling elements to stand in the power of your unique journey. Leverage the StoryBrand SB7 Framework, the hero's journey and energy-recalibration techniques to develop a theft-proof narrative that will articulate your uniqueness, connect with your ideal clients and leave an enduring legacy.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Tell a captivating story that differentiates you from the competition and takes your business to the next level.
  • Combine your story with that of your ideal client to create the magic "meeting the mentor" moment that catalyzes connection, transformation and abundance.
  • Use tangible storytelling, introspection and copywriting techniques to craft your narrative and improve your marketing messages.