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C13 - Attuned: Three Skills to Create Connection and Improve Wellbeing

‐ Jun 14, 2023 4:35pm

Our brains are wired for survival and connection, and this fact doesn't change when we are at work. The new era of leadership requires an understanding of the interpersonal neurobiology that plays out in the interactions between leaders and their teams. Interpersonal neurobiology posits that our responses, including our body language, emotional state and level of connection shift moment to moment based on our internal experiences and interpretation of interactions.

Past experiences, like adversity and trauma, subconsciously influence whether we feel safe or threatened. When the brain perceives a threat due to misattunement or an incongruence between what's needed and what's provided, our ability to trust, problem solve, learn and focus are diminished. We shift from thriving to surviving. The antidote to misattunement is repair and connection.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Understand how past events impact both leaders' and team members' experiences in the present day.
  • Identify and support team members coping with mental health challenges.
  • Develop the skills to catalyze the creation of connected, attuned teams.


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