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C3 - Small Meetings Myths Debunked!

‐ Jun 14, 2023 11:50am

Small and simple meetings can represent a sizable volume of business that is also notoriously difficult to manage. Whether you are a professional planner responsible for a multitude of these events every year or a DIYer tasked with managing these types of events (often on top of an already heavy large event workload), this session is for you.

Uncover myths about the small meeting management process that will help you understand how to best address misperceptions, remove barriers and ultimately implement solutions to manage this book of business more efficiently. Unraveling the myriad technical, legal and business issues that arise, get tips so you can stay focused on what matters most—the meeting itself!

Learn how technology can act as an "assistant" on this scope of work by automating details and freeing you up to focus on the larger, more complex events and budgets. Finally, ideas and issues will be workshopped with attendees to uncover solutions that are specific to their business resulting in actionable takeaways for each participant.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify potential issues and solutions to streamline planning and managing small events.
  • Find the data you need to help justify expenditures on planning and technology.
  • Ask and answer the right questions when looking for a turnkey solution.


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