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GS2 - The Future of Now: Three Strategies to Prepare in a Period of Accelerated Change

‐ Jun 14, 2023 10:55am

As a former corporate executive turned futurist, Elatia Abate has spent the past few years researching the impact of technology and disruptive forces on our world. Through her research, she has discovered that even though major disruptions approach at lightning speed, it’s still possible for humans to thrive. Marry theoretical and practical ideas and discover three key strategies to help you prepare for, and calmly navigate, the now and future. Elatia lays out what is currently at stake, and why “now” is the most powerful time for the future. Shift from outdated strategy and work paradigms to forward-thinking models that are imperative for success, and learn how to identify and design fulfilling opportunities despite the unknown.


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