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F6 - Creating Safe Environments for Innovation

‐ Jun 14, 2023 3:40pm

The creation and exchange of thoughts is the foundation of innovation. However, sharing ideas is not as easy as it seems … because we’re human. It can be vulnerable and scary. And feeling unsafe can be the roadblock that prevents organizations from innovating and having more ideas. So, how do you create the conditions for success to enable a free flow of thoughts? The answer is psychological safety. Psychological safety can either be nurtured or hindered, and each one of us has more influence over this than we realize. According to Project Aristotle, a research study from Google, psychological safety is the most important factor for effective and successful teams. In order to innovate, psychological safety must be established. If you’re an individual contributor, you need to establish this for yourself. If you’re a leader, you need to establish this for yourself and for your team. In this experiential workshop, participants will learn what it takes to create a safe environment for innovation—for themselves and others.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Identify the differences between safe and unsafe environments.
  • Apply methods to cultivate healthy, safe environments that empower innovation.
  • Use new tools to develop psychological safety for yourself and others.