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Picket Fences or Brick Walls? | Discovering Different Types of Boundaries

‐ Sep 6, 2022 11:00am

Credits: None available.

1.0 Clock Hour | Domain G: Meeting and Event Design

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM CST

Setting boundaries ... it is something we all hear about, talk about, and maybe even promise ourselves "this time, I am going to stick to it." But somehow, we always end up falling into the same habits that made us want to redefine our boundaries in the first place! Emailing late at night, working on days off, skipping family functions to get work done - and so many more. Maybe you have boundaries outside of work that you are challenged to maintain. Here is the thing - if you can't keep a boundary in place, it is likely because it is the wrong kind. In this webinar, we will work through my picket fence or brick wall boundaries model, and discuss the different types of boundaries, where they work best, how to maintain them, and more. Why? Because holding space for yourself, and enhancing the way you live and work helps to make you a fuller, more robust person and professional. 

If you attend this session you will gain ... 

  1. Confidence in creating and maintaining boundaries. 
  2. How to communicate boundaries to others.
  3. Which boundaries to negotiate or not.

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