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EMEC5 - How COVID is Changing the Role of Event Data

‐ Jun 15, 2021 11:45am

Credits: None available.

Event data is incredibly valuable. It is essential in helping organisations understand exactly what is happening at their events and how they can improve things in the future. But with virtual and hybrid events now thrown into the mix, managing data is increasingly becoming a complex issue.

Event planners are collecting more data than ever before. Sponsors and exhibitors are asking for more data to justify ROI. Attendees are getting more concerned about what data they share online – and as in-person events resume, Covid restrictions will force organisers to be a lot more careful on what data they collect from on-site attendees.

This session will unveil the results of a new research study by Eventsforce investigating the changing role of data across events and why good data management will be critical for your post Covid-19 event strategy. It will explore what steps organisers can take to get more value out of their event data and see some of the growth opportunities a good data management strategy will bring to their events over the coming few years.


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