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Technology Showcase 6.17.21

‐ Jun 17, 2021 9:15am

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Heard Events Experiential Live and Virtual Event Solutions
HEARD has deep roots in the event production space and has assembled a talented team of professionals from various segments of the events industry to provide exceptional production, event, and destination services for planners and brand stakeholders who appreciate a partner that can provide creative guidance in all aspects of meetings, incentives, virtual, experiential and brand. Our broad knowledge of all things event and our willingness to go beyond the standard for our clients separates us from the crowd.

WorkerBee.TV: Your Event Video Checklist, Best Practices, and Trends
Traditionally, organizations have turned to Skype, Zoom, and other online streaming tools to record their virtual, hybrid, and on-demand event content; but the lack of flexibility and control can result in poor quality. In this presentation, WorkerBee.TV leans on their years of event experience and signature video technology to give you the tools to drastically reduce the resources, time, and effort needed to produce impactful video content before, during, and after your events. WorkerBee.TV solutions are designed to enhance engagement, improve event registration and monetization, and endure long after the event is over.

Making Sense of the Disarray: How Array has Changed Event Engagement & Data Collection
Your event tech should make your life easier and WOW your audience. Array provides content engagement technology, support services, and actionable data and insights. With nearly 20 years of experience at over 7,000 events, Array has unparalleled data and expertise to help make in-person, virtual, and hybrid events more meaningful. The unique interactive features in our software can increase audience engagement by 80%, and we help you improve with engagement analytics down to individual audience members.

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