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Beyond The Badge

‐ Jun 16, 2021 2:00pm

Credits: None available.

As humans, our innate tendency to make observations, form opinions, and shape judgments quickly can lead to assumptions. Built on a fear-based paradigm through previously learned behavior, assumptions result in cliques, exclusionary behavior, and homogenous communities. Displaying our name badge is a seemingly innocent gesture that presents our name, job title, and organization. Intended to ease initial interaction, name badges can also divide us. Social hierarchies, power dynamics, and desire to achieve a return on investment, the name badge can intentionally, or inadvertently, hinder enriching communication between professionals. This workshop will discuss how every intentional engagement is an opportunity for personal growth, professional development, and stronger diverse networks.

Learner Outcomes

1. Learn how to recognize and describe the five primary biases to deepen workplace relationships.

2. Discuss and comprehend the five Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies to improve workplace culture and develop diverse partner ecosystems.

3. Discover the value of every social interaction to aid in growing an expansive network across all dimensions of diversity.

4. Gain new resources and tools to implement three strategic methods for cross-cultural opportunities.

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