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Your LinkedIn Profile Needs an Update!

‐ Jun 17, 2021 2:15pm

Credits: None available.

Looking for new career opportunities or very happy where you are now? Your LinkedIn profile matters. What ensures a LinkedIn profile gets noticed (and by whom?)? Is a summary, bullet points or a story best to gain attention? Where should awards, certifications, and volunteer work really be listed? What profile photo is best? Should a headline be just a title or more? If more, what? Are buzzwords smart or a turn-off? Which words create a positive impact?

With so much outdated (and just wrong) advice being given by self-proclaimed "career counselors," this session will provide practical tips based on the latest brain-science research to ensure your profile gets the best results.

Participant examples will be used to demonstrate options in real-time. Be ready to improve your profile throughout this workshop based on your personality, industry criteria, and what science shows works to create distinction and get attention now. Leave excited and energized - and with a modern, brain-smart, and differentiated profile to sky-rocket employer interest and boost customer confidence, too.

Learner Outcomes

1. Replace outdated LinkedIn profiles with 2021 innovative practices to attract job offers and create "buyer" confidence.
2. Write a LinkedIn Summary that showcases your achievements and personality to create distinction and desire.
3. Grab the recruiter's attention with smart industry words (not all are smart to use!) placed strategically to stand out and accelerate success.


Credits: None available.