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Speech Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Star Trek

‐ Jun 17, 2021 12:15pm

Credits: None available.

The world is changing more quickly than ever before and we only have to look at Star Trek to see where we might be going. Since 1967, Star Trek has been visionary related to technology and it's exciting to see how us as mere mortals have been able to use that vision to realize incredible technology advances. Some of the science as we know was valid. We now have talking computers, digital communicators (aka flip phones) and many more technologies we first saw in episodes of Star Trek.

As a huge fan of Star Trek, it's exciting to be involved in a world of speech and artificial intelligence technologies that would have made Gene Roddenberry proud. In this session, I will give you a real world synopsis of where we are and where we are going in the future related to speech technologies, artificial intelligence and my personal favorite, the universal translator. Imagine being able to have instant communication, with any person, in any language, in any medium. It's a shared dream among people around the world and the technology is catching up to the dream.

Learner Outcomes
1. You will learn how speech technologies work so you have the tools to have conversations with technology providers of potential solutions.
2. You will learn how the universal translator of the Star Trek world is much closer than many have imagined.
3. You will learn how to apply speech and language solutions to grow events, grow revenues and provide an enhanced customer experience using these technologies.


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