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Your New Normal: High Tech, Low Cost & DIY: $500 on demand LP

‐ Jun 17, 2021 12:15pm

Credits: None available.

This decade’s greatest tech business challenge is the need to continue to find ways to integrate technology into their services while maintaining control of their bottom line. The creation of high-tech functionality, once the domain of talented yet pricey coding specialists, is becoming a critical part of the skill set of everyone, especially hospitality industry professionals. Having these skills helps you to assist your organization while improving your own skillset and marketability. From creating conference apps to voice interfaces and mixed reality, this session shows that the tools to create exceptional tech functionality reside in your hands, and within your budget.

Learner Outcomes

1. Identify and use over 5 high-tech tools that can be created and implemented at little to no cost.
2. Create an organization or conference app at no expense.
3. Understand the meaning and implications of the low-code/no-code tech movement for the meetings industry



Credits: None available.

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