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BIE1 - Black in Events Network: #GMID 2021 Panel Part 1

‐ May 3, 2021 7:00am

In February 2021, the Black in Events Network launched our first annual 100 highlights of Black Professionals who work in the events industry. The goal was to amplify and bring attention to the most seasoned to the up-and-coming. They achieved their goal and surpassed expectations. Professionals felt celebrated, and they felt seen. The Black in Events Network celebrated Global Meetings Industry Day 2021 by bringing forth a sample of those highlighted to be heard. The future of events is now, and it is dependent on how we al create an industry that makes room for stories that have been silent. This is Part 1 of an immersive panel event that will let you see, hear and learn the value of Black professionals in the event Industry.

For more information about Black in Events Network please contact the Black in Events Network at blackineventsnet@gmail.com. Follow on Linkin, Instagram and Twitter at @blackinevents.


Dwayne Rutherford - Founder of Debonair Corporate Events
Brittani Menina - Event Professional & Educator
Ricardo Hicks - Founder of Tech Factory Productions
Grace Arhin - Founder of Grace Arhin Events
Zoe Moore - Inclusive Event Strategist & Consultant
Tanida Mullen - Hospitality Professional & Certified Facilitator