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Think You're the Business Answer and They Will Too (e.g., The Right Mindset)

‐ Jan 1, 2010 1:00pm

Credits: None available.

1 Clock Hour | Domain I: Marketing 

Part 1 of a 4-part sales and marketing series. How to chase business in proactive, pleasant ways that close the deal.

Learning Objectives:

  • Focus on the value you bring, not how great you are
  • See yourself as uniquely placed to help
  • Overcome your internal objections, so you can overcome the buyers’ objections
  • The L’Oreal effect: how to know you’re worth it
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  • 1.00 - Contact Hours

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Dianne Moore
11/26/18 11:22 am

Excellent strategies to put you in the outcome, not what you've done, but what you can bring to help the event/planner/owner.