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Room Block Poaching: It Could Happen To You

‐ Jun 21, 2017 4:30pm

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1 Clock Hour | Domain C: Risk Management 

If the word pirate conjures images of Blackbeard or Jack Sparrow, consider yourself lucky. Today, for a growing number of meeting planners and associations, the term has a dramatically different—but no less chilling—meaning. Room block poachers are modern-day scalawags that prey on unsuspecting organizations in an equally insidious way as pirates of old. The actions of these pilferers have negative impact on hotel room blocks, resulting in headaches for planners including lost revenue and possible attrition penalty nightmares. Not all of these activities are illegal, but they most all live on the ethical edge. These scoundrels will reach out by fax, email & phone. They have been known to use meeting logos on official-looking websites & registration forms or otherwise imply that they are “official” housing representatives or suggest that official blocks are sold out. Learn how to counter this growing issue both legally and pragmatically. Unauthorized solicitations need to be dealt with swiftly and effectively. People who are burned generally blame the organization and its leadership for not warning them.

Through case studies and best practices, learn how to become better equipped to fend them off. In a survey of 622 meeting professionals representing a diverse cross section of the industry, room block sizes and room rates, the Convention Industry Council found 73.1% of respondents had events or meetings targeted by piracy or poaching. While this issue is clearly affecting a large number of events, the majority of respondents (70.5%) have not developed prevention or mitigation best practices. As part of the study, the effects of piracy and poaching were also identified. Although it was expected that the negative effects would be primarily financial, the research showed a greater impact on non-monetary factors including reputation, attendee dissatisfaction and time away from planning. CIC’s APEX Room Block Poaching Workgroup has been formed to conduct research, and develop best practices, tools, and resources to aid meeting professionals in managing room blocks. Come engage in the conversation and listen to the latest research and best practices from APEX.

Learner Outcomes:

  • Gain powerful insight from Convention Industry Council APEX research into the industry-wide effects of poaching on our industry, who is affected and how. Get latest updates on pending legislation to curb consumer fraud activities.
  • Identify the various ways poachers can adversely affect your workload, reputation & budgets, through pilfering of hotel rooms and other revenue opportunities from your event.
  • Access tools and learn best practices to alleviate this growing problem.
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