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WECGV110505 - WEC Grapevine 2020 | Digital Experience: Experience Design for Virtual Events: Meeting Participant Needs with Intentionally Designed Micro-Moments

Have you ever attended a large-scale event that fell flat? Sometimes the large macro experience gets lots of love, but we forget about all the important micro-moments. Every experience contains a myriad of micro-moments. Sometimes, though, within the hustle and bustle of designing the event, some of these micro-moments lack the intention and time they deserve. What if we were able to create, moment by moment, identify, and then design specific micro-moments we knew would yield specific outcomes? Zooming out, think of what the entire experience might look like with that level of intention! This session will define and describe distinct “micro-experience” types grounded in experience design research and show participants how to intentionally craft events by carefully curating micro-experiences that climax in a magnificently personalized experience and gives your participants exactly what they want and need.