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What Do Hotel Guests Want Most of All

‐ Sep 11, 2020 11:00am

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The most powerful way to encourage hotel guests to choose a property is by giving them exactly what they want, or in other words, what they value. While that sounds obvious, determining the shared values common to all your guests have always been based on intuition and guesswork. Until now. Based on the first-ever database that measures the shared values of everyone on earth, David Allison has profiled hotel guests in Canada and the USA using rigorous scientific methods. The result? For the first time in history, data can point to the exact reasons why people choose one hotel over another. David will share his findings, and help participants understand exactly what they mean. You will know how to influence hotel guests to choose your hotel, and create an experience that pushes all their buttons.

Learner Outcomes:

1. Make your brand appealing to the guests predisposed to your category of hotel offering using the Values Thinking process

2. Create an experience for guests that pushes all the right buttons

3. Understand what touchpoints: from first finding you online through to checkout, must be emphasized to make your property irresistible.

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Credits: None available.

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