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Opening General Session: Stop Planning Meetings, Start Designing Experiences

‐ Jun 19, 2017 7:00pm

Credits: None available.

1.5 Clock Hours | Domain G: Meeting or Event Design 

From the Expression Economy To The Experience Economy

Presented by: Speakers' Spotlight

The battle is on. But it’s not for budget. It’s for time. Between ridiculously low costs of production, massive distribution, and people’s desire to create and consume the stuff they absolutely love, the Expression Economy has created a new reality: you’re competing for time. Worse, you’re not just competing against email distractions, travel schedules, and over-stuffed calendars, you’re competing against the Internet. And the Internet is winning.
Congratulations. You’re in the Expression Economy, where everyone is just one swipe away from something more interesting, more relevant, and more compelling than the Q4 sales forecast you’ve been tasked with. The answer? Don’t just defend. Go on the offensive. Re-invent yourself, be anti-establishment, and start rewriting the rules instead of adhering to them. Start designing experiences that capture people’s senses and help you win back their attention.
This high energy, humorous, and informative session will not only help you understand why you

need to do it, it’ll show you how. As a former stand-up comedian, Ron Tite knows the power and potential of capturing a crowd in a face to face environment. You’ll laugh. You’ll learn. And you’ll witness first-hand how a compelling experience can leave you wanting more.

Design Thinking at Work: How to Cultivate Creativity and Entrepreneurship

Presented by: The Lavin Agency Speakers Bureau

How do you distill a problem into a creative solution? Embrace design thinking? Empower your team? Pinpoint where your skill set and passion converge? Enter Sarah Prevette, serial entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Future Design School. In this talk, Prevette shares her ultimate credo and how it can change your business: Creativity as a skill set; entrepreneurship as a philosophy. Innovation can be taught, she says, as long as you embrace the mentality and deftness of the entrepreneur. Her keynotes and workshops are a hands-on exercise in identifying your organization’s problems and finding effective, out-of-the-box solutions that you can implement tomorrow.

A Conversation with Bruce Mau on What It Really Takes to Stop Planning Meetings and Start Designing Experiences

Design has changed the way we interact with the world. From hand-held smart products to large-scale systems and networks, designers have envisioned a brave new world of connectivity and autonomy. Renowned designer and thinker Bruce Mau talks about the role of design, and describes how one might engineer a sustainable, creative life. He discusses how 5-senses design can be used to elevate the live event experience, enhancing the marketing impact that exhibitions can have in today’s business environment.

Our new world faces many profound challenges, but there are extraordinary new forces aligning around these great challenges. As Bruce Mau notes, “Massive change is not about the world of design — it’s about the design of the world.”

Beyond Performance, Living in Flow

In today's fast paced world is it possible to be successful without hard work, driving ambition and exacting plans? Those of us who study flow states understand that success can be accomplished through effortless spontaneity by creating a feeling of joy, vitality, aliveness, and present moment awareness.

Deepak Chopra will lead you to an understanding of how the universe functions with spontaneity, creativity and how you can harness that power in your own life through being present and without resistance in every moment.

Learning Objective:

  • Participants will have an understanding of how the universe functions with spontaneity, creativity and how to harness that power in his/her own life through being present and without resistance in every moment.

Musical Interludes

SongDivision is bringing our world-class team of musicians and facilitators to WEC and has designed an experience just for you. More than a house band, we have created a musical journey for you to enjoy throughout your time in Vegas.

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  • 1.50 - Contact Hours

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